Human68k for X680x0 version 3.01
Copyright 1987,88,89,90,91,92,95 SHARP/Hudson

Command version 3.00

C>pic profilepicture.png

C>type hello.txt
Hello, world! I'm Rafal. Welcome to my website!

C>type intro.txt
I'm one of the many stereotypical computer nerds - I spend most of my time with computers in various forms. I used to work as an software/gateware developer for a living (currently I'm on a break); in the past I used to work with mainframe systems as well.
In the evenings I usually experiment with older computers, watch some anime or just listen to good music.

... sounds boring, I guess? :P

C>type shoutout.txt
While I don't have too much "content" on my website, feel free to visit webpages of my friends:

asie / Dragoon Aethis / irth / millie / naruciakk / RafiX / sdomi / TadeusTaD